Data Protection Policy

Here at Royal Cosy Hills, we value your rights and custom, as such, we provide you with sufficient information and options to enable you to give your expressed consent on how we process your personal data obtained from our website.


Personal Data Collected

We may collect data about you or any accompanying guests using our website or service, these includes:

  • Contact details (for example: last name, first name, telephone number, email address and residential address)
  • Personal information (for example: date of birth, nationality)
  • Information relating to your children under 16(this is limited to: name, date of birth, age and nationality. This must be supplied by an authorised adult)
  • Your bank or credit card details (for transaction and reservation purposes)
  • Information contained on an approved form of identification (such as ID card, passport or driver licence)
  • Your membership number for the Royal Cosy Hills loyalty program or another partner program
  • Your arrival and departure dates
  • Your preferences and interests (for example, smoking or non-smoking room, preferred floor, type of bedding, type of newspapers/magazines, sports, cultural interests, food and beverages preferences, etc.)
  • Health information (for example: allergies, mobility needs and other disability information)
  • Your questions/comments, during or following a stay with us
  • Technical and location data you generate as a result of using our websites and applications.



Data for under 16 years old

It is the responsibility of adults with persons under 16 years old to ensure that their children do not provide us with the child’s personal data without the consenting adults expressed approval (especially through online communication). In the event that such information is sent, please contact our Data Protection Officer immediately to exercise your right to have the data deleted.


Collection of sensitive data

We may need to meet or provide you with certain specific service we may need to obtain your sensitive data such as dietary requirements, health details, political, ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs or sexual orientation to name a few. This data will not be processed without your expressed consent.



To ensure that you enjoy the best service, Royal Cosy Hills would like to keep or retrieve data on your device in order to:

  • Operate the site and provide you with the excellent service you require (these fall within our strictly necessary cookies as such cannot be rejected)
  • Strengthen and customise the site functionalities
  • Measure site usage and performance
  • Understand your interest in order to provide you with tailored marketing information


Aside the strictly necessary data we obtain, you have the right to modify your choices at anytime by updating the cookies pop-up options. You will also need to visit our vendor sites to understand the data they may be obtaining from you. Please note that you may not be able to opt-out of all the they capture. Vendors: Wordpress.